Additional thoughts on African protests

Some thoughtful responses to the post on why more African citizens don’t protest bad governments:

  • Cyrus Samii says that protests occur too infrequently for surveys like Afrobarometer to have much value, and suggests a case-control study design for people who do protest.
  • Jay Ulfelder notes that urbanization is “almost a precondition for movements,” and points out that Africa was only ~39% urbanized in 2008, whilst Latin America was ~66%.
  • @coldtusker wonders about the role of ethnic politics, whilst @nairobinotes isn’t sure that ethnic politics is the best explanation for lack of protest in Zimbabwe.
  • One of my classmates, who’s originally from Zimbabwe, added that the country is quiet precisely because its Central Intelligence Organization is so widespread and so ruthless.  Stories abound in Harare of people who made a single anti-government comment and were never seen again.
  • The Monkey Cage has linked to an interesting new database on social conflict in Africa.

Other ideas?

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