Travel tips: necessary accessories

Today in travel advice, we present: necessary accessories.

Don’t bring:

  • One of those travel vests with a million pockets.  It’s unlikely that you’ll need to carry every pocket-sized item you own at any point.
  • A passport pouch, unless you think you’re likely to lose your passport if it’s not attached to you at all times.  Opportunistic theft is less common than people seem to expect, be it from a hotel room or on the street, and after taking basic precautions (like using hotel safes, keeping your bag zipped and firmly held in front of you, and not walking around by yourself at night), your passport is probably as safe as it’s going to be.  If someone really wants your things, the fact that it’s tucked down your shirt won’t be very helpful.

Do bring:

  • A waterproof bag.  I’ve been satisfied with Longchamp shoulder bags for office use – they’re durable and waterproof.  A waterproof messenger bag or backpack is ideal if you expect to be commuting by bicycle or motorcycle.
  • An umbrella.  You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to locate travel-sized umbrellas when you need them.
  • Refillable water bottles.  Great for long days in the car, and long flights.  I have a few of these large Kleen Kanteen bottles.  Additionally, if you boil water in the evening and fill the bottles, they’ll be cool and ready to go in the morning.  (This obviously holds for metal bottles, not plastic.

4 thoughts on “Travel tips: necessary accessories

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