Congo’s cycle of rebellion

Reuters has a great graphic of key players and territorial control during the Congo wars and the current rebellion.  Click the image to enlarge.

2 thoughts on “Congo’s cycle of rebellion

  1. Rachel, this is a great find. I just finished reading “the poisonwood bible,” and highly recommend reading it for a quick summary of how the DRCongo went from Belgian colonialism to briefly exciting true independence, back to diamond dependence, to where it is now. It’s told through the eyes of a white family from Georgia, but well written nonetheless.


  2. The violence in this country is devastating. This article makes me sad to think that there is such a terrible cycle. I work for a non-profit in Africa who helps children who do not have the opportunity to get an education go to school. I absolutely believe that education is the first step in ending the violence in this great country and I know that Africa can have a bright future free from violence and corruption.


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