Conflict and peace-related links of the day

After a bit of a hiatus to deal with graduate applications and a busy period at work, the blog should be up and running again!  Some conflict-related links to start things off:

  1. Universiteit Antwerpen hosts a database on power-sharing peace agreements in sub-Saharan Africa, and the Journal of Peace Research has a number of replication datasets available.
  2. The Nigeria security tracker and ICG’s latest map of insecurity in the Kivus.
  3. The Africa Report asks who the exemplary armies are in Africa.  I think this is a critically understudied issue.  There’s plenty of evidence for the ways in which many African armies routinely mistreat civilians or engage in coups, but the fact that many armies don’t engage in such behavior needs to be better understood.
  4. Jay Ufelder has unveiled his coup forecasts for 2013.  Note that Eritrea is nowhere to be found.  ICG’s African Peacebuilding Agenda blog has a good write-up of why the recent military unrest in Eritrea shouldn’t be considered a mutiny or a coup threat, although it does clearly reflect other political fault lines in the country.
  5. Scott Straus writes about why Africa is becoming more peaceful, despite the war in Mali.

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