MA and PhD fellowships for African students

Here’s my list of all the MA and PhD fellowships for African students that I’ve come across.  They’re listed by region.  All the links have been updated as of February 2021.  New links since the last update are marked with an asterisk.

I’m working on turning this into a searchable database in partnership with Africademics.  Stay tuned for updates!

I’ll note here that I get a lot of requests from people asking me to help them get a scholarship.  I’m not affiliated with any of the universities or scholarship providers listed here.  I can’t provide individualized recommendations for scholarships.  I can review a limited number of social science scholarship applications as my schedule permits.

Si vous êtes un(e) étudiant(e) francophone, veuillez regarder la liste des bourses ici.





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8 thoughts on “MA and PhD fellowships for African students

  1. Hi Rachel

    Please include for undergraduate scholarship for Sudanese and South Sudanese youth and also Atlas Corps who run a great fellowship opportunity.




  2. Thanks for sharing this info, Rachel. I’m hoping to get my South African mentee to the US for some additional learning opportunities — once he completes his tertiary diploma internship. #FirstThingsFirst
    Best for the New Year!


  3. this is very interesting initiative. i have been searching for masters and doctoral scholarships opportunities but haven’t been successful. the orientations here seems much better and offer chances to apply to many scholarship offers. jp


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