Who was supporting M23?

If you haven’t seen the interactive graph of support for M23 by foreign states (Rwanda/Uganda) and individuals that was published in Stability Journal recently, it’s worth a look.  The data comes from an article by Cathy Nangini, Mainak Jas, Hugo Fernandes and Robert Muggah.

Here’s a still shot of the interactive version.  One thing that strikes me in looking at this is that running a rebellion is actually an intensely diplomatic endeavor.  Think about the challenges of negotiating relationships with all of these sponsors and allies while also trying to take territory and (in at least a minimal sense) govern it – formidable!


One thought on “Who was supporting M23?

  1. I’ve long been convinced that if you really want to learn how to run complex organizations where you have to deal with varying interests; forget business or government school; talk to these guys and those like them all over the world.


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