Who is supporting Boko Haram?

I’m fascinated by the investigative work that goes into uncovering the funding sources of rebel groups.  The M23 graph I wrote about last month shows the complex web of connections between the group and its funders.   Shelby Grossman recently blogged about a similar chart for Boko Haram, which focuses on the types of support that the group has received from different sources.

bokoharamThe chart comes from a June 2012 World Policy piece by Carlo Davis.  It would be fascinating to see an update to account for changes in financing sources over the last two years, especially from established political parties.


2 thoughts on “Who is supporting Boko Haram?

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    It’s obvious that the Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram, has graduated from rag tag fighters over the years into a formidable, well equipped urban guerrilla soldiers. The murderous terrorist gang’s hitherto crude operations have given way to modern military strategic calculations backed by sophisticated weapons, suggesting heavy funding and quality training. The question is not whether they have backers within and outside the country, but who are they? The Nigerian government must unravel this mystery immediately to make any headway in this vexed issue. Who are the supporters of these Islamic terrorists?


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