Which African countries have the highest income tax rates?

Mark Anderson recently shared a link to an interesting map of tax rates on the average income for each country in Africa.  The original map is from an international relocation site called MoveHub.  I’m guessing this is about nominal tax rates and not effective tax collected.

Africa taxes

Which countries surprise you?  I for one would not have expected that Rwanda’s tax rates are higher than either Burundi’s or Uganda’s.


4 thoughts on “Which African countries have the highest income tax rates?

  1. I’d be interested to learn about the histories of these respective rates. I.e. which rates are left over from colonial days and which have been shifted since then. It looks to me that West Africa has lower rates in general compared to East and South Africa.


  2. I see Cameroon is one of the highest. It’s not the cheapest country to visit, and maybe that’s one of the reasons. I do wonder in some countries like Angola how they make sure they collect it all. Must be so many people working off the books


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