African food in the Bay Area

There are some great options for African food in the Bay Area.  Priority Africa Network has an even more detailed list, but these are some of my favorites.

The options are by far the most plentiful for Ethiopian and Eritrean food.  To name just a few:

West Africa is also decently well-represented:

Besides these, there’s also Amawele’s South African Kitchen (San Francisco) and Man Must Wak African Caribbean Food Market (Oakland).  If anyone comes across a good east African place, please do let me know!

There are also two places which are slightly confusingly named.  Radio Africa Kitchen (San Francisco) is run by an Ethiopian chef, and is delicious, but would best be described as new American with some slight Ethiopian influence.  Chopbar (Oakland) has nothing to do with its Ghanaian namesake, although their brunch is quite good.

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