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  • Why are so many African flags red, yellow and green?  It may be connected to Ethiopia’s successful resistance to colonialism (although Ken Opalo raises other posibilities in the comments)
  • Song of the week: Subculture Sage‘s remarkable new video “Gold” documents a day in the life of an informal gold miner in Zimbabwe

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  1. On the colors of African flags: I don’t think the Ethiopian story explains it all. What drove much of the yellow and green, at least as I was taught, was local ideas of what the new states were going to be about. The green represents agricultural land in many textbooks — not just in Kenya. And if you notice, the yellow is mainly clustered in West Africa. I know that in a few of these countries it represents gold production (and here there actually might be a strong Ghana effect, too). Red, in most instances, appears in countries that had some form of anti-colonialism resistance. Same with black. The Ethiopia story may still hold water, but I am yet to see it in any textbooks. Of course they might have copied Ethiopia, and then found local justifications for their choices.


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