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One of my personal goals for the next year of my research is to learn the basics of a widely spoken language in each of the four countries I’m visiting.  (A minimal step, admittedly, but I’m only spending 2 – 3 months in each place and won’t have time to work towards greater fluency.)  I’ve been pleased to see that the online resources for learning African languages have greatly improved since I first tried to do this with Kinyarwanda in 2008.  Here are some of the most useful ones I’ve found.

Chinyanja (Zambia)

Luganda (Uganda)

Twi (Ghana)

  • Nkyea makes a useful series of iOS apps, including a Twi phrasebook and Akan keyboard

Yoruba (Nigeria)

  • Genii Games makes iOS and Android apps meant to introduce children to Yoruba language and culture

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  1. The NALRC has some of the best African language books I’ve seen available in the US covering a variety of languages. African countries that have a Peace Corps presence will also often have resources posted online on various country sites (just google “language + manual + peace corps” to find them). For Bantu languages, getting a basic understanding of noun classes will help facilitate learning across different regions and countries.


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