African language resources online


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 I’ve been pleased to see that the online resources for learning African languages have greatly improved since I first tried to do this with Kinyarwanda in 2008.  Here are some of the most useful ones I’ve found for the countries I’m currently considering for dissertation research.

Chinyanja (Zambia)

Luganda (Uganda)

Twi (Ghana)

  • Nkyea makes a useful series of iOS apps, including a Twi phrasebook and Akan keyboard

Yoruba (Nigeria)

  • Genii Games makes iOS and Android apps meant to introduce children to Yoruba language and culture

3 thoughts on “African language resources online

  1. The NALRC has some of the best African language books I’ve seen available in the US covering a variety of languages. African countries that have a Peace Corps presence will also often have resources posted online on various country sites (just google “language + manual + peace corps” to find them). For Bantu languages, getting a basic understanding of noun classes will help facilitate learning across different regions and countries.


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