African events + food in the Bay Area


If you’re in the Bay Area this Saturday, be sure to stop by the Umoja Festival in Oakland!  The daylong festival features music, fashion, and food from the wide range of African immigrant groups present in northern California.

Here are some other African events and restaurants that I’ve been enjoying in the Bay Area recently.

  • The obvious place to go for your post-MOAD drinks is Bissap Baobob.  I’ve also been meaning to check out newer west African spot Miliki
  • If you’d rather eat at home, start-up Chop Plentii is offering delivery of a range of Nigerian meals.  You can also stop at Brundo Market to pick up fresh Ethiopian spices, or take a cooking class

2 thoughts on “African events + food in the Bay Area

  1. Great call out for this weekend Rachel! Do you know if PAN will be having events in the near future? Would be keen to check them out since they’re local!


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