Highlights from Africa Science Week Kenya

An orange logo of Africa with a drone, a hard hat, and a microscope on it next to the phrase "Africa Science Week," and then the phrase "Science at Work in Kenya"

The Mawazo Institute recently co-sponsored Africa Science Week Kenya, along with the Next Einstein Forum, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and L’Oreal-UNESCO for Women in Science.  This was all due to the initiative of my co-founder Rose Mutiso, who is the Next Einstein ambassador for Kenya and a passionate advocate for getting other African women involved in the sciences.  She assembled a fantastic team, and they planned a series of nationwide events meant to make science accessible to the public in Kenya.

For me, the highlight of the week was seeing Kenyan scholars get some well-deserved public recognition.  You can read about 20 leading scientists in the Faces of Kenyan Science program, and go in-depth with their work at the Nairobi Ideas podcast.  And if you want to step up your Kenyan science trivia game (I assume everyone’s local pub has this manner of trivia night), check out this series of posters illustrating some of the most interesting and unusual facts about science in Kenya.