Learn Nairobi Swahili with Swahii

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I’ve recently started polishing up my Swahili with an online course called Swahii.  It focuses on practical aspects of communicating in Swahili as it’s spoken in Nairobi, which is different in many ways to the Tanzanian Swahili that’s commonly taught in textbooks.  For $60, you get unlimited access to the course materials, including lessons, pronunciation videos, and Memrise vocabulary quizzes.

So far the course has been exactly what I’ve needed for self-study.  I did a year of Swahili lessons around 2015, so I had the basics, but needed to brush up before getting to more advanced topics.  Unlike Rosetta Stone, which makes you do every module in order, Swahii lets you skip past the things you know, and revisit the things you’ve forgotten.  I’m also a strongly visual learner, and struggle with auditory learning if I can’t read along with what I’m hearing.  Swahii’s combination of lessons and videos was just right for this, and better than the private tutoring sessions I tried, which were mostly spoken with no accompanying text.  Highly recommended!