UoN lecture on qualitative knowledge production and archival practice in Kenya


Lots of great events in Nairobi this week!  If you’re around tomorrow, November 7, come to the University of Nairobi Towers, Mini Lecture Room 401 from 2 – 4 pm to hear Angela Okune speak about her doctoral research on qualitative knowledge production in Kenya.

Abstract from the seminar poster:

In this seminar, Angela Okune will discuss her ongoing ethnographic research project looking at how qualitative research data is produced, shared, and contested by diverse research groups in Nairobi, Kenya.  Despite decades of research aiming to solve Africa’s problems, many of those who are studied see little change in their everyday lives.  Particular communities such as groups in Kibera demonstrate survey fatigue, falsified responses, and even feelings of being exploited by global processes of scientific knowledge production.  Through a comparative study of three Nairobi-based research organizations working in and on technology and development, Angela has been examining negotiations over privacy, quality, ownership, and ethical responsibility enacted by the processes of opening up qualitative research data, and discusses the possible benefits of “open data.”