East African rail networks of the future

The Africa Report has a good piece on regional investments in rail networks across East Africa.  Progress was already slow, and will likely stall entirely due to coronavirus for some time.  But here’s what the network could one day look like.

A map showing rail lines running in from Mombasa and Dar through Kampala and Kigali

2 thoughts on “East African rail networks of the future

  1. This would be great for so many millions of E/Central Africans. That said, I really wish the governments in the regions would FIRST find a way to connect Central Africa’s major ports (Pointe Noirre, Matadi) by ALL WEATHER ROAD to East Africa’s major ports.

    I’d seriously one day like to drive from Matadi to Mombasa or Dar Es Salaam on a smooth road. Such a road would dramatically expand the region’s economy (and hopefully diversify them) which means more money for rail connections. And, ofcourse, a Luanda-Matadi-Pointe Noirre- Libreville- Yaounde-Lagos Road is also really critical.

    Anyway, great post Rachel! Been a reader of your blog since 2010 and always appreciate it.

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