Snapshots of IPA’s RECOVR research hub

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 14.32.37

My partner Tom has done some interesting analysis of the projects listed on IPA’s RECOVR coronavirus research hub as of late April.  His previous research found that most social science research registries focused on coronavirus were focused on high income countries, but fortunately RECOVR is doing better on this front.

Some key points:

There are [56] projects all over the world, with 25 covering Africa, and 18 in Asia. They cover a huge variety of topics — health is naturally in the lead, but there are many studies of Social Protection, Peace and Recovery, and Financial Inclusion. It looks like there’s room for some more studies on education and agriculture…

One other welcome note: almost two thirds of the studies listed have at least one person from (one of) the countries being studied, on the team of named principal investigators.

Also, it’s not just RCTs!


I should add here (with an inevitable bit of bias) that Tom’s a talented researcher and program manager, with a focus on behavioral science.  He’s currently open for consulting or full-time work based in London.