Correcting common cash transfer myths

The Transfer Project has provided a real public good with this set of interactive questions and this infographic debunking common myths about cash transfers. Do check them out!

3 thoughts on “Correcting common cash transfer myths

  1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for sharing the Transfer Project infographic, just a little additional plug — thanks to our FAO / UNICEF partners, we have these in a few other languages :

    * Spanish:
    * French:
    * Arabic:
    * Russian:
    * Chinese:
    * Malagasy:

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  2. Ms. Strohm: thank you for this wonderful post and infographic! It has inspired me to create a new instagram series in November for my IG channel: @artisan_coffeeimports At Artisan, we have pioneered coffee contracts that include a fully transparent premium payment that is paid directly to the 400+ women who grow the specialty coffee we sell. Your infographic will help me explain to customers why we believe in this (over donating schools, clinics and laptops, as many other companies like mine tend to do.) Of course, schools, clinics and laptops aren’t bad! But I come from an international development background, and I believe firmly in the multiplier effect of cash transfers, especially when given to women. ~ Ruth Ann Church
    P.S. Found your blog via the World Bank Development Impact blog.

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