Pan-African links of the day

Apparently none of the interesting links I’ve come across recently are country-specific:

  1. I hadn’t realized how many sites covered investment in Africa: Venture Capital for Africa, African Capital Markets News, and Investing in Africa look like some of the best.
  2. Gorgeous African photography at Kilele and Dynamic Africa, and interesting debates at Nka: Journal of Contemporary African Art.
  3. Loving the mash-ups of African art & journalism at 3bute.
  4. Good sources for free African music: Awesome Tapes from Africa, Afro-MP3, and Sahelsounds.

Links I liked

Some interesting articles:

  1. Reasons not to treat religion as exogenous in your regression specification: a 1972 study of a Kenyan group who converted to Islam to avoid culturally-specified social obligations.
  2. Jason Stearns has the most lucid description of the current fighting in eastern DRC that I’ve come across yet.
  3. How simplifying narratives obscure the debate over conflict minerals in the DRC.
  4. An anthropologist reads The Bottom Billion [PDF] and points out some serious flaws in Collier’s epistemological approach.

Links I liked

I’ve been waffling about the appropriate forum in which to post interesting links related to the content of this blog for a while.  To date I’ve mostly put them on Twitter and (to a lesser degree) Google Plus, but those aren’t the easiest fora to navigate due to the volume of content.  Thus, expect sporadic link round-ups from now on.

  1. La vie quotidienne in Africa: Everyday Africa and every sixty seconds in Africa…
  2. Re-imagining Somalia: TEDxMogadishu and Vintage Somalia
  3. Thoughtful meditation on race, power, and hipsters in Ghana
  4. Development economics brings us the role of hope in Indian economic behavior and the Busara Center for Behavioral Economics