I’m currently completing a three-paper dissertation with a thematic focus on rethinking what we can learn from cross-regional comparisons.  Paper #1 looks at the role of elite coalitions in substituting for weak institutions in postcolonial states, with case studies of Indonesia, Myanmar, Rwanda and the DRC.  Paper #2 looks at the frequency of such cross-regional comparisons within political science, and critically assesses the idea that there is some type of unspecified but strong “regional effect” which make it difficult to compare and learn from countries in different regions.  Paper #3 looks more broadly at the idea of generalizing across studies located in different regions within the social sciences.

Working Papers

Drafts will be posted as they’re available.

  • “Elite Cohesion and Institutional Development in Weak States”
  • “What Do We Learn from Cross-Regional Comparisons?”
  • “Generalizability in the Social Sciences”
  • “How American Scholars can Support Their African Colleagues” (with Virginia Kamonji, Rose Mutiso, Beverlyne Nyamemba, Alesha Porisky, and Tom Wein)