I’m a PhD candidate in political science at BerkeleyMy research focuses on the politics of social protection and evidence-based policymaking in Africa.  I also spend a lot of time tweeting African news and thinking about sources of funding and research support for African academics.

I’ve previously worked as a research manager for Innovations for Poverty Action in the US, and studied agricultural microinsurance with IPA in Ghana.  I’ve also done M&E for FINCA International in the DR Congo and promoted social enterprise development with Rwanda Works.  I have an MA in international relations from SAIS, and a BA in geography and French from Dartmouth.  My CV is available here.

The map in the header of the blog is the Cantino Planisphere, which is the earliest map to show the entire coastline of Africa.  It was made in Portugal in 1502.  The compass in the blog icon is from one of the earliest portolan charts showing the west African coast, made in Portugal in 1492.