I’m a social scientist based in London. I’m passionate about using research to promote just and equitable public policies, and amplifying the voices of researchers from African countries.

I work for Innovations for Poverty Action as a consultant with the social protection team. Our team collaborates with governments and NGOs to design evaluations of social protection programs, and shares policy-relevant evidence about what works to reduce poverty in low income countries.

I’m also a PhD candidate in political science at UC Berkeley. My research focuses on the expansion of social protection programs in African countries. I’ve been on a leave of absence from Berkeley since 2017, when I co-founded the Mawazo Institute, which helps East African women launch careers as scholars and policy experts. 

I’ve previously worked as a research manager with IPA in the US and Ghana, and consulted on microfinance and social enterprise in the DRC and Rwanda.  I have an MA in international relations from Johns Hopkins SAIS, and a BA in geography and French from Dartmouth. I’m originally from Chicago.  You can view my CV here. My pronouns are she / her.